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Sensory experiences, singing tours, improv theatre, storytelling, a radio set… On June 5 2021, the commune of Grand-Saconnex revealed itself like never before! The participants were not only able to get a vision of the future urban projects but also to question them through the prism of major issues (climate change, memory of the place, architecture, social and economic animation).

“The aim is to revive the district…”

The theme of the day was based on the question “What is the place for the living in the city of tomorrow?”. Two elements made up the EXPLORE day and enabled this theme to be addressed: an urban walk called “L’incroyable balade” and a radio set that came to life on the square. The incredible walk is an exploratory walk around the 9 square of Carantec, the future location of the project. It used various media to exchange with the participants, such as theatre, singing, drawing, storytelling and discussions. Mechanics from the town animated this walk.

In parallel to this walk, a consultation took place in the square of Carantec through the constitution of a collective fresco, inspired by the elements produced during the walk and the presentation of the “cartons habitant.e.s” production elements invented during the consultation.

At the end of the day, the radio set took place in two stages with a diverse audience from the consultation. To begin with, an audio synthesis enabled a short time retranscription of what the inhabitants had said during the consultation. At the end, a story, in the manner of an informal exquisite corpse, concluded a collective interpretation of the future of this square. This event allowed to bring the square of Carantec to life for the first time, a day that prefigures a future in the making for the Grand-Saconnex.