The festival of the city of tomorrow

EXPLORE is not a festival like any other. It is the result of an organic and growing process linked to citizen participation in territorial projects. The goal is to make it more accessible, more complete, and more impactful without denying its complexity and democratic imperatives.

When we have to face a mandatory ecological transition, what can we do other than involving the population and making the debate more open? It is therefore a festival of conviction aiming to bring the population together around collective questions, projects, and experiments.

The festival first came to life in 2016 within the Quinzaine de l’urbanisme thanks to the aspiration of many collaborators of the State of Geneva to democratize urban planning. EXPLORE had its first edition as a Festival in 2019 with many debates, participatory workshops, and explorations. But it was in 2021 that the Festival really decided to scale with nearly 5,000 participants. EXPLORE wants to become a vector of participation but also a place of experimentation and debate on an international scale to make the city of tomorrow today!

It is supported by the Citizen Participation Service of the Urban Planning Office of the Territory Department.

Project manager
Frédéric Josselin

Communications officer

Carine Delorme

Communications assistance

Maison Wahren

Production team

Pascal Maurin
Charlotte Maupas
Nicolas Ischi

Would you like to participate by proposing a project or telling us about your actions?

Geneva in transition

Geneva in transition

EXPLORE is an initiative of the Citizen Participation Service of the Department of Territory of the State of Geneva for the implementation of the Geneva in Transition program.

Geneva in transition

Geneva, a citizen and cultural voice.